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Our Horses

Our horses are experienced with a variety of different drivers and abilities, of all ages!  The same horses may be used for lessons, showing, competitions, weddings or social drives.  They are all excellent in heavy traffic, well-schooled and polite - they can turn a hoof to most things.  Our steadiest school masters will calmly amble around the fields enjoying the sunshine however they will perk up around the cones with a competitive driver at the reins!

15.1hh Welsh Section D

Lightfoot is a true schoolmaster, calm and steady.  However being a well schooled horse, he can pick up and dance through the cones & obstacles with the best of them!

Lightfoot will drive single, pair & team
Grayswood Sioux Chief

15.2hh Welsh Section D cross, Homebred

Chief might have been a bottle-fed foal, but he has turned into a strapping lad!  Early in his education he caught the eye of one of our regular clients who promptly bought him and still keeps him at Grayswood

Chief is a regular in the show ring & at competitions

15hh Welsh Section D

Diesel came to us as youngster.  It wasn't long before his handsome looks and sensible nature endeared him to everyone.  He was quickly snapped up by one of our regular clients who keeps him at Grayswood.

Diesel is used for pleasure drives, showing & driving competitions
Grayswood Jon Boy
14.2hhh Welsh Section D

Jon is the showman. A smart cob who has numerous wins under his belt.  The most notable winning the Osbourne Welsh Cob Championship at Towerlands in 2010.  Owned by Mrs S McBride

Jon will drive single, pair & team