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The BDS currently offers both accredited and non-accredited courses and qualifications in harness horse driving.   All responsibilities for this programme are handled by the BDS Awards Board through the BDS Office.

Accredited qualifications have Pathways or routes which you choose to follow, depending upon what type of harness horse activity you want to pursue.   These are:-

Pathway 1         mainstream or recreational carriage driving,

Pathway 2         working with horses in agricultural and land-based activities

Pathway 3         training horses to work in harness.                    

Qualifications are an endorsement of a person's ability to carry out tasks at the required level set out in the qualification, and have the underpinning knowledge and understanding associated with each task.   However, the qualification should not be seen as the sole purpose and ‘end product' of the learning experience.   It is the training course which is the most important part of the learning process.   Assessment and qualification are designed to measure whether or not a person has benefited from the training to a measurable level.
British Driving Society Examinations

Grayswood Carriages is proud to be a British Driving Society Approved Centre.  
We are able to hold BDS tests of various levels from Road Safety to Advanced.
We can organise various courses including residential, staying with us here at the farm.
From their inauguration in 1957, the BDS recognised the need to provide training in order to preserve and promote harness horse driving skills, knowledge, safety and horse welfare.   In 2005, the BDS recognised the need to upgrade our qualifications from vocationally-related to nationally-accredited, and the development of the new Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF) by the Department of Education was suitable for our needs.