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Learn to Drive

Lessons are a great way to learn a new skill, brush up on old skills and move up to the next level.  For those that already drive, our instructors can help you to refine the details or resolve problems. You may want to go up a gear and master the obstacles or improve your ringcraft.  Perhaps you want to try driving a pair? Attempt a tandem?  Or even drive a team?  Using our horses or bringing your own horse to Grayswood or a combination of both types of lesson we can help you achieve your goals.
For those new to driving we will teach you from the ground up to make sure that you have solid foundations for your driving career.  

Whether you are a person who has never handled a horse before, someone who rode as a child or an experienced horseman looking for a new challenge we can teach you all you need to know
Like all good learner vehicles, our horses are fitted with “dual control reins” so if you have a wobbly moment we can smooth things out and get you back on track.
Introduction to Driving Lessons

This is a good session for new drivers and an excellent format for group sessions

During the first part of the session students will be taught how to prepare their horse, harness up and put to the vehicle.  
We cover all aspects of safety, horse comfort and discuss any varying methods.
  We teach “coachman style” for
holding your reins so before you get to the real horse we show you how to steer and stop using our model “Woody”.  

When you are ready, we have a large all weather arena where you can safely take the reins.  We start with simple steering and brakes then progress into trot

As the session draws to a close you will be shown how to unhitch and unharness your horse and attend to their needs.

Prices start from £40 for an hour’s individual lesson with one of our horses, an instructor and a groom.
Please contact us to discuss what would suit you best.

Group lessons are great fun, when everyone is kept involved and busy. The larger the group and duration of the session, the more turnouts (staff, horses & vehicles) we will need to use.

Below we have made suggestions for group sessions to make sure everyone gets time in the driving seat and the horses are kept comfortable.  

We can easily adjust the duration of the sessions and the number of turnouts to make your event exactly what you want.

Up to 3 drivers, 1 turnout for 1 hour
from £55  

Up to 5 drivers, 1 turnout for 1.5 hours
from £80

Up to 12 drivers, 2 turnouts for 2.5 hours
from £200

We are able to cater for larger groups, please contact us to discuss ideas.
Lessons are also a great “have a go” social event.  We are able to host part or full day events. Catering & refreshments can be provided by prior arrangement.
BHS Hampshire Committee - Summer Social June, 2012
with Fizz, Roger & Laura